Learning Japanese, again


So, at one point in my life I decided that I very much enjoyed a lot of the entertainment that Japan put out and that I should make the effort to learn the language so I could enjoy it the way it was meant and not through error prone and often delayed translations. I sat myself down and learned to read and write all the Hiragana and Katakana. I started on the Kanji and grammar and soon dropped learning the language all together.

Fast forward about a year and I started reading visual novels and I thought, wouldn’t this be a cool way to learn a language. I searched Google and found this. I had also been thinking about a blog for a while for random things and thought I could track my progress in Japanese through the blog as well.

I am currently playing through Clannad as you may have guessed by the image. I’ll probably go through Tomoyo After for the next Visual Novel just to finish up the Clannad story. It will be a little bit until I actually get to translating VNs as I have to work my way through some basics first but I’ll get there eventually.

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One response to “Learning Japanese, again”

  1. jlfaith says :

    Good Luck. I am currently learning Japanese. I love the language but it is hard work, especially when it comes to the Kanji!

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